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  1. Contents:

    1. Contents
    2. Information we collect
    3. Third-Party Content Disclaimer
    4. Information we share
    5. Changes

  2. Information we collect:

    Personal information we (Weebos LLC) collect will not be sold, distributed, or used in a manner different than it was intended without your express consent. All information we collect will be used to improve and expand upon our sites and services that we offer you and our other users.

    • Identification Information:
      In order to sign up for a new user account, we require that you provide your actual given (first) and family (last) name, and birth date, zip code, and possibly *additional info. We use this information to prevent malicious users from playing with multiple accounts in order to cheat the sweepstakes, our sponsors, and honest users like you. This works because we require identification information to be 100% correct for all winners, so if a user did create and play with multiple accounts, they would still only be able to win with the account that had their actual information on it.

        * Additional info is a last resort and will be requested if and only if another user shares your exact name and birthday.

    • Additional Information You Provide:
      You may also explicitly provide us with additional information, either through our site or by other means (such as by email), such as your email address, location, likes and interests, etc. We may save this information and use it to customize your experience while on our site. For example, if you say that you like the outdoors, we'll try to show you more sites that deal with the outdoors.

    • Usage Information:
      We may collect and use information from any interactions with our sites in order to to improve our sites & services.

  3. Third-Party Content Disclaimer:

    This site is powered by 3rd party web-sites that we show temporarily to you from within our site when you click a pixel to enter our sweepstakes. Although it may look like these 3rd party advertisements are a part of our site, we have no control over their content, nor do we collect any information from your interactions with them. Therefore, this privacy policy does not apply to those sites, and YOU AGREE TO RELEASE US (WEEBOS LLC) FROM LIABILITY FOR ANY AND ALL CONSEQUENCES THAT ARISE FROM USING ANY THIRD-PARTY SITE IN ANY WAY, AND TO HOLD FULLY LIABLE THE OFFENDING SITE UNDER THEIR SITE POLICY AND/OR TERMS OF USE UNDER LAW. Thus, please USE ALL THIRD-PARTY SITES AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you are unsure about any action within a third-party site, please read the site's privacy policy and/or research whether they are reputable or not before taking any questionable action.

    Note: We strive to display only reputable 3rd party sites in order to protect our users from malicious sites that host scams or other evil schemes. However, we know that it might not be possible to detect all such sites despite our best efforts. Thus, if you see or know of any suspicious sites that we have missed, please report them and we will look into your concerns ASAP.
  4. Information we share:

    We will not share any personal information with any parties outside of Weebos LLC without your express written consent or for legal reasons. Currently, the only case where we will request your consent of sharing personal information is if you win the jackpot. This is because we are required by laws in several states to disclose all winners to the public. Thus, we give you the opportunity to refuse to sign this publicity release, but if you choose to do so you will also forfeit any potential winnings. Also, we may share de-identified information (information that does not personally identify you) at our discretion. For example, we may display the overall favorite sites of our users or for users with similar interests.
  5. Changes:

    We may change our privacy policy from time to time to improve our privacy standards. We will not reduce your rights under this agreement without your consent and will do our best to notify you of any major changes that will affect you.